Some excerpts of „insinuations” from „Polandian” – The people who claim to know Poland

Normally I wouldn’t bother to comment, but so far theirs is the only „polandian” voice at Global Voices Online » Poland. What happened to an old term „Polander” anyway? Do the Polandians claim to know Poland in theirs subtitle or don’t they ❓ Since they named my comments a „tantamount to spamming” I rather spam right here 🙄

Dear people who claim to know Poland,I wouldn’t say that impressions of a couple foreigners living in RP for some years aren’t amusing. How the hell did you qualify for Global Voices – that’s amazing

Dear Sir Island1,I cuoldn’t decide to click the following linkhref=”” rel=”nofollow”>Global Voices Online<Could you

Russian guy – true, smarter than British AND Polish men.J-23 – what’s that supposed to be, a threat??This global voices bullcrap seems to be more of a pain in the arse than anything else, frankly. Certainly seems to get other people all fired up. What is it, like the oscars of blogdom?Jeez.

Polish men have too much Wodka in their brains, that’s why the women are smarter and more island no i am not a spyware ,and i will not post a link to a polish wodka online shop or something like that ;) .

And another thing. We don’t “claim to know Poland” in the way you’re insinuating but we do know what our own perspective is on Poland, Polish people, Polish food, etc and so on as foreigners who have lived here for a while and I don’t see why that gives you a problem?Your blog’s the best Polish blog in the universe is it? Perhaps we should all go check it out?

J-23: Please don’t put misleading links in your comments. I believe that’s tantamount to spamming.Sorry you don’t feel that our opinions are worthwhile. Please note that at least two of us are Polish anyway, so it’s not just the opinions of ‘foreigners.’

Why would „Polandians” discard such a helpful comment ❓

A couple more forums:


polesingreatbritain : Messages : 9046-9075 of 9075

at Polish-English Forums « Polandian

But they are accepting trackbacks at the same time: Polish-English Forums « Polandian


5 komentarzy do “Some excerpts of „insinuations” from „Polandian” – The people who claim to know Poland

  1. J-23: Guys, I only suggested that your use of a misleading link (where you had the anchor text „Global Voices Online” but the link went to the „report as mature” page on WordPress) was tantamount to spamming: misleading people into thinking they were going to one place when in fact they were going somewhere else.

    I’m not really sure what’s you’re upset about. We didn’t do anything in particular to get mentioned by Global Voices. I think there was a suggestion at one time that somebody on here might like to write a guest post for us. We’re open to any suggestions.

    Let’s not get off on the wrong foot here.


  2. Dear Island1,
    First thing first.
    You do claim in „Polandian” to know Poland, don’t you?

    2nd thing:
    in my alleged „tantamount to spamming” I did give you an ample warning not to click the link, didn’t I?

    I am not upset at all. You posted a picture – I commented with a link corresponding to your picture – that’s all to it.

    Let’s not twist everything around here. You people are far too defensive about nothing.



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