Czarne skrzynki na drzwiach stodoły

W przypadku obecności głosu prezydenta w czarnych skrzynkach będzie raczej trudno wyedytować akceptowalną wersję do opublikowania w mediach.

It is NOT a an recording of POLAF Tu-154M.

via Facts about polish Tu-154M 101 crash.

With the weckage and the flight recorders in the hands of the FSB, who will ever know the truth.

via Poland’s History and the Power of „Coincidence”.

As the both sides struggled to communicate in Russian and pidgin English the situation became chaotic. Audio recordings of the pilots talking with the controllers appeared on the internet. The pilots could be heard speaking Russian with a heavy Polish accent.

via Insula Nobilis: Investigation underway into Polish tragedy.

In Warsaw, which has been overcome by grief and mourning, politicians and journalists are starting to whisper exactly that.

But the official position remains the same: “No comment!”

via Smolensk plane crash mystery – Did Polish President Kaczynski order pilots to land – News –

Aviation experts speculated that the pilots may have been ordered to land by the Polish President. „It’s a clear case of VIP-passenger syndrome,” flight safety expert Viktor Timoshkin told Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper. „Air-traffic control told him to take the plane to Moscow or Minsk. I’m certain that the pilot will have told the President about this, and got a firm reply that the plane must land in Smolensk.” – External Link


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